Themes: counting, add, subtract, patterns, shapes, volumes, probability, combinations and permutations

show workshop maths Key Stages 1-3

It Doesn't Add Up!

Irish Maths Week Dublin Audience Dr Ken Maths show montage of images Dr Ken Maths card trick Mathamagic Show Ireland Rubiks cube solving and Measuring Dr Ken Maths show straws game Close Up ofStage show in Ireland Dr Ken Maths show volume effect

Pick a card any card, is this it?? Yes? How does that work? Could it really involve Maths? A show with less sleight of hand and more dexterity in maths. Amazing magic tricks performed with the maths solutions revealed.

From confused counting, shape shifting numbers, impossible volumes to card tricks, Rubik's cube algorithms and virtual juggling patterns.

"Highly engaging show delivered in a fun, kind non patronising manner. The set up time for the workshop was minimal which was a huge benefit".

Moira Headridge, Aimhigher North East, Lincolnshire

Pupil Creativity

Show photos and students dialogue were used to create videos extending learning and understanding whilst developing communication skills.

"It was lovely to get the 'wow' factor involved in maths (and that was just from the staff)! The children who were involved in the workshops refer to them and apply things they have remembered."

Katrina Hardy, St Michael's Junior School

A 60 minute mathamagic workshop compliments this show. Pupils of all ages and abilities explore magic tricks that require simple maths. With a bit of practice will soon be amazing family and friends with their new skills.




Simple maths and complex magic
designed to entertain and educate.