Entertaining Science - Circus Skills

Themes: gravity, air resistance, friction, equilibrium and gyroscopes

Show Workshop Science Key Stages 1-3

Roll up, roll up and explore the science behind the thrills and spills of the circus.

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Dr Ken takes you on a voyage of discovery investigating how performers make use of many scientific principles in their tricks and stunts.



Find out why jugglers love gravity, how clowns use the force like a Jedi and why unicyclists need to keep moving to stay still. It’s science but not as you may know it!!!



This show is highly portable and has been presented at festivals all over the world. Watch a 60 second clip from the Singapore Science festival 2013.



Dr Ken's work featured on Teachers TV. Watch excerpts from the show, staff interviews and pupil reaction.



Experience the force. Pupils maintain an equilibrium on a tightrope, learn to juggle on the moon and explore the forces of other circus props.

Experiment with the force. Unusual equipment is used for qualitative and quantitative science investigations.

Juggling on the moon

Examples of the different activities can be  found in the workshop gallery.