ISTC - References

"We have used many of the scientific concepts illustrated in the show to support our Science lessons."

"Your workshops were an inspirational combination of theory and practice, mathematics and science."

"It was brilliant!"

"I really feel your alternative approach worked well in getting the message across"

The Inspirational Science Theatre Company are pleased to share a collection of quotes from the many feedback emails and letters they have received in the last 10 years of performing.

In 2000 the company were selected by the Norfolk Arts in Education Department to be a preferred supplier as an artist working in education. More information can be found on the East England Artists in Education database.


The ISTC have recently performed for the Norfolk County Council Professional Development Maths and Science Departments at the
Heads of Science and
Heads of Primary School
Maths Conferences

Letters of recommendation are also available upon request.

five ball bounce

"It was weird and wonderful and the man was very funny."

"One of the best things we have done at Summer School"

"I learnt loads but it was easy to follow and entertaining."

"I think it was good because it inspired me."