Gravity Fields Festival Feedback

School Report

"Dr Ken covers complex science concepts at the same time as amusing, motivating and entertaining the students. He communicates with all ages with enormous ease."
La Sainte Union School
"Once again the students were highly entertained and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop."
Bishop Ramsey School
"Inspirational, engaging and entertaining! Great to see a whole school so involved in a show. Dr Ken had a great rapport with the audience - they were so enthused about science by the end!"
Jackie Flaherty, Chipping Campden School

More School Reports

"Wonderful day, both the show and the workshops were excellently pitched and performed. It really inspired the children and teachers to think about science more creatively."
Litcham School
"Show differentiated to suit all ages. Totally motivational and exciting. Children of all ages engaged. Staff of all ages engaged!! Fun and pupil participation without over exciting the children - they were ready to work!"
Queen Victoria Primary School
"Dr Ken managed to entertain, baffle and interest a whole range of our primary aged children from Nursery to Year 6. His show was pacy, interesting and above all scientific! His humour even managed to entertain the adults! "
Mile Cross primary School

More Feedback

"This is perfect if you want to entertain guests and put across a serious message at the same time. Better than any of your run-of-the-mill jugglers and magicians! Something really different'"
UEA Corporate events
"The shows were hugely popular with staff, visitors adults and children alike, and it is a credit to you that many visitors returned for the next performance."
Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service
"Your positive impact on all the students you trained will translate to our thousands of visitors and make the festival a great experience for all."
Abu Dhabi Science Festival
"I thought Dr Ken was brilliant! He got all of the audience laughing and joining in. He made me laugh every 10 seconds!"
Exited Pupil
"'We want to become scientists now!!"
Eleonor and Rhianonn Landsdowne Primary Pupils
"We just wanted to say what a great show. We are both over 40 and this captures all ages imaginations. Great audience interaction. Fun Fun Fun. "
Lisa Cole - Audience Member public event