It's All Done with Mirrors

Themes: forces, chemistry, magnetism and much more

Show Workshop Science Key Stages 1-3

mirror show montage of images mirror show montage of images Levitation Floating Mail Parcel Audience in IT Carlow, Ireland

Dr Ken performs many magic tricks and even he wonders how he does it! Trap doors, mirrors, camera effects... everyone can have their own theory. But, unlike the masked magician, only the science is revealed.

"The science shows and workshops are a real joy. The magic through science workshops uncovered many KS2 themes such as sound, light, and forces. I cannot recommend this highly enough."

The show is designed for a school hall and the workshop can take place in classrooms or lab spaces. There is a range of activities for all key stages.

"This is the second year we have booked Dr Ken and each time it has been a huge success! He has a great repertoire so that he delivers something new each time to wet the appetites of budding scientists."
Lansdowne Primary School

 Is this magic......    Or is it science?

Blender Science  


This show was developed with the kind help of several members of the Magic Circle and access to their extensive library in London.


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