Frequently Asked Questions
Shows last for approximately 60 minutes. This includes audience arrival and departure, presentation and questions.
In most shows there is some level of flexibility to lengthen or shorten show time
ISTC tend to perform 2 to 3 shows per day, or a combination of shows and workshops.
Most workshops have 20, 30, 40 or 60 minutes versions.
A school hall with a presentation space of 4x5m would be ideal.

If pupils are sat on chairs it is recommend using a stage. This will ensure good sight lines for all.

Note: Sometimes other teachers and/or departments set-up or leave equipment for their own event on stage. Please make sure all colleagues are aware the space will be used during the agreed scheduled times and will need to be clear for the STEM day.
Some shows have several different workshops associated with them. Most workshops work best in a hall but some classroom and outdoor activities are available.
This is show dependant and will be discussed during the booking. Time will be needed for unloading, transport to presentation area, setting up, resetting and repacking before departure.

If other activities need the venue before or after the presentation please allow enough time to facilitate this smooth transition.
Some schools know exactly what they require from a STEM day to maximise the benefit for each pupil. Over the last 15 years many ideas have been discussed, worked through and successfully accommodated.

An individual quote will vary depending on the number of shows and workshops required plus travelling expenses.

Example – In the case of a single entry primary the cost will ranges between £2.00 - -£3.50 per pupil.

You can reduce costs by working with other local schools to help Dr Ken arrange a short tour.
Extra presentations may be possible during the day or for afterschool events.