School Science and Maths Workshops

Workshop interactions expoloring light and prisms workshop instructions workshop discussions workshop tricks and stunts Forensic Science Teamwork

Workshops are designed to complement the shows. Special courses have also been developed for Gifted & Talented pupils, flying start days and CPD events for Teachers. Workshop sessions last between 30-60 minutes per class.

A short video demonstrating the effect of a show and workshop on pupils at a primary school. Dr Ken is a presenter for URENCO's outreach programme .

Workshops that Complement Shows
Circus Science
How Do They Do That Science Tricks?
It Doesn't Add Up - Maths Magic

Other Science Workshops
Lights, Camera, Action!
Forensic Science
Bubble Magic
Science Drama
Lasers and Light.

Teachers CPD Workshops
Use of video cameras in the classroom,
learning styles, creative learning and different
approaches to science communication.

Able & Talented

Gifted and Talented brochure Lights, Camera, Action brochure