British Science Week 2019

During British Science Week Dr Ken will be travelling around the country visiting primary and secondary schools with his science shows and workshops. Dr Ken uses his experience as a performer and school teacher to make science both fun and inspiring whilst making sure activities are relevant to the science curriculum and other cross-curricular subjects.

Dr Ken talks about Newton's Apple during British Science festival and science week British Science week Eco Show shows for schools generating musical sound by hand Pupils pose questions for Dr Ken during science week British science week and British science festival space show featuring two astro-nuts. Dr Ken has Workshops as well as shows available during British Science week

The next British Science Week takes place between 8th – 15th March 2019. The theme for 2019 is Journeys. There are plenty of different shows and workshops with a Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths focus which includes cross curricular content available.
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In  Dr Ken's Science Circus Show he will be looking at the journey of objects in motion, how ideas about movement and theories about gravity have developed over time.

How to Save the Planet in 45 mins - this looks at the science of pollution, recycling and sustainability to look out how we can change the Earth's current environmentally destructive journey.

It's All Done with Mirrors - A journey into the hidden world of engineering. Dr Ken's magic tricks and stunts reveals their science and engineering whilst relating it to similar activities in the outside world.

It Doesn't Add Up - A journey into the wonders of mind bending magical Maths tricks.


Please start planning your Dr Ken visit early to guarantee your preferred date. British Science Week is a busy time in the calender and many schools have extended the STEM celebration to include other days or weeks within March.

Plan your inspiring educational visit by contacting Dr Ken by email, fill out his contact form or call 07850 222028.

British Science Week funding and grants.

Applications are now open. There are 3 different school grants ranging from £150 to £700 available. Funds from the grant can be used to pay for Dr Ken's inspiring school visits during British science week. For more info visit British Science Week grants